Preserving History

A few weeks back, I visited Broussard’s Cemetery, which is located on Labelle Road in west Jefferson County. There are few words that I can type here to adequately describe the condition of this sacred place, but I will try to do so.

At first sight, you would never know that there is a cemetery in front of you. The multiple years of abandonment have permitted the overgrowth of brush, vines, and trees to flourish. I actually had to use a few commercial trimmers to cut a trail through to the first grave. So who’s at fault, and where are the keepers of these plots of history?

Actually there are none. In my opinion, blame cannot lay at any particular person’s feet since this place is very old. It’s a sad fact of history that is becoming more and more frequent. Whether they are cemeteries, old abandoned sites, houses, or even simply a lack of interest in our past, a lot of our history is disappearing.

But all hope isn’t lost. There are organizations, commissions, and societies that do wonderful work in maintaining our history. There is a plethora of people behind the scenes who volunteer their time and finances toward specific purposes. Some people even dedicate a lifetime to their cause, and they are to be commended. Any help to these organizations, whether monetary or by way of voluntary effort, would no doubt be gladly appreciated.

So what is to become of Broussard’s Cemetery? There are passionate people who I believe will bring the needed care and attention to this historic site. But it all comes down to individuals with enough enthusiasm and a sufficient work ethic to take the time to correct this travesty. Because in the end, that’s what it takes: hard work and dedication to a cause.

If you would like to learn more about the Southeast Texas organizations that work to preserve our heritage or would like to donate your time, here are a few that would be most appreciative:

Jefferson County Historical Commission :

Chambers County Historical Commission:

Galveston County Historical Commission:

Orange County:

Beaumont Heritage Society:

Galveston Historical Foundation: